Both CYFM and MFTU are pleased to now be listed at Token Store.

At Token.Store, funds are deposited into a smart contract, instead of being directly deposited in an exchange. Fully decentralized exchanges have no way of removing funds from the smart contract — only the person who holds the private key of the Ethereum account that sent funds there can retrieve it. Moreover, no sign-up or email addresses are needed to use a fully decentralized exchange: the best way to use The Token Store is through MetaMask. This makes the experience completely anonymous.

They also offer this complete user guideToken Store – User Guide

However, here are some short and simple instructions to get you started:

Trading using Metamask: the recommended way

1. Go to:
2. Launch your Metamask browser plugin and login.
(If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you can quickly and easily create one, see
3. Refresh The Token Store’s site, your MetaMask account should already be automatically connected to us. The amount of ETH in your personal wallet will be visible on the top left of our exchange page.
4. Deposit tokens into your “exchange wallet” using the widget on the left of the ‘exchange’ page. Make sure you’re logged into MetaMask to sign the transaction. Make sure you leave at least 0.01 ETH in your exchange wallet to pay gas fees.
5. Use instant order or limit order to buy/sell tokens: instant order instantly takes someone else’s order, while limit order stays in the ask/bid pool for the amount of blocks you set.