First and foremost we want to be very clear and get this out of the way:  None of this applies should an NDA be put in place by either party.

We have laid out an internal exchange strategy; we want to be as transparent as possible to all members.

We have recruited a full time resource to assist with Exchange Listings. Now, given the volatility of exchanges (if they will still be around tomorrow). We have established our own guild-lines that the exchange has to meet in order to list.

  • What Exchanges: We will be starting at the bottom 50 and working our way to the top – You ask why? Part of the strategy is to list and gain new adopters on our way to the top. Yes, some adopters will sell out some will become holders.
  • Listing Fees: Liquidity may be required: Only if the exchange can guarantee volume after assessing other tokens outside the normal (ETH / BTC so on).
  • What Token to list: Depending on the offering the goal is to always list both CYFM & MFTU. However, it’s not guaranteed they will be listed together. Or what one will get listed first, second, or only 1 of them.
  • Know Your Exchange: Our goal is to be listed on every exchange possible that ETH is traded on. It will be up to each adopter that does business with the exchange to verify.

Every two weeks, we will be posting a transparent list of exchanges that we have interacted with and any decisions made around them.

This may include, reasons why and why not a listing took place as well as fees regarding the listing. This is also includes the status of the application at the time and whether we contacted the exchange or the exchange contacted us.

Once the deals are completed with the exchanges: We will then announce.

Thank you for being an early adopter of the CYFM / MFTU token.