The Purcow Digital Asset Services Community is a non-profit organization initiated by Tencent, Xunlei, and 360 former management. We have ethics, and no evil. We start with digital asset trading, ecological funds, leveraged trading, and wealth management to build a versatile ecosystem and create a “Utopia” of the blockchain world.

In a one-sided world where Projects rely HEAVILY on the mercy of exchanges, CyberFM and Purcow will work together to add value equally.

It is our intention together to help catapult exchanges and projects internationally, just as we are continuing to do for Musicians.

Purcow has the expertise in this industry that is desperately needed in other languages and environments globally.

Announcing Live Trading In The Purple Cattle Community:

Zi Niu (PurCow) Community will launch CYFM Tokens on September 19, 2018. The specific arrangements are as follows:

On September 17th, 2018, the Deposit function of CYFM will be opened. At that time, users can transfer CYFM in their wallet to the Zi Niu account, so that they can trade in time when trading goes live on September 19, 2018.

Introduction to CYFM:

The full name of the product: Cyber-FM Radio, is an American music radio station that has been developed for more than ten years and was established in October 2007. You can listen to music from around the world on Cyber-FM Radio, as well as talk about games, comics, TV shows and more. Official website address:

CYFM is the ERC20 token of Cyber-FM Radio, which is mainly used for online membership fee payment, in-app purchase points and subscription service payment.

230 million CYFM to be Divided to this event:

1. Recharge the standard to divide 35 million CYFM (Deposit to share 35,000,000 CYFM)

From September 17th to September 23rd, 2018, Zi Ni community users must have accumulated 50 million CYFMs and can participate in the division of 35 million CYFMs. According to the CYFM ratio of different compliance accounts, 35 million CYFMs are divided.

For example, if only 5 users recharge the standard and each user recharges CYFM of 50 million, then the 5 users who meet the standard can get 7 million CYFM per person.

All accounts up to standard(cumulative deposit over 50,000,000) share the 35,000,000 CYFM bonuses pro rata. If there are 5 accounts up to standard and each account has a cumulative deposit number of 50,000.000, Then each account can get 7,000,000 CYFM.

Statistical Time:(UTC/GMT+08:00) 2018.09.17 00:00:00 – 2018.09.23 23:59:59

2. The transaction amount ranking are 95 million CYFM (turnover ranking to share 95,000,000 CYFM)

From September 19th to September 25th, 2018, the transactions of CYFM/ETH trading pair, the transaction amount of 10 billion CYFM (Zi Niu community transaction fee is 0) and the top 10 trading volume can be rewarded.

The first place rewards 30 million CYFMs, the second place rewards 20 million CYFMs, the third place rewards 10 million CYFMs, and the 4th-10 awards 5 million CYFMs.

Top 10 (CYFM/ETH turnover up to 95,000,000 CYFM)can share the bonuses.

No. 1 : 30,000,000 CYFM
No. 2 : 20,000,000 CYFM
No. 3 : 10,000,000 CYFM
No. 4 to No. 10: 5,000,000 CYFM each

Statistical Time:(UTC/GMT+08:00) 2018.09.19 00:00:00 – 2018.09.25 23:59:59

3. Lock MILK to share 100,000,000 CYFM

According to the snapshot of 23:59:59 on September 19, 2018, the number of locked MILKs exceeds 100,000 and can participate in the division of 100 million CYFM and divides 100 million CYFM according to the MILK ratio of locked accounts.

For example, on September 19, 2018, at 23:59:59, only two accounts hold 100,000 locked MILKs, and each of them is 100,000. Then these two accounts will receive 50 million CYFMs respectively!

All accounts up to standard(locked MILK number over 50,000,000 at 2018.09.19 23:59:59 UTC/GMT+08:00)share the 100,000,000 CYFM bonuses pro rata. MILK is the currency of Purcow Digital Asset Services Community.

Statistical Time:(UTC/GMT+08:00) 2018.09.19 23:59:59

All of the above awards will be credited within one week of the event. All the bonuses will be Issued to the accounts in September.

Chinese Translation:



  1. 2018年9月17日开启CYFM充提币功能,届时用户可以将自己钱包里的CYFM转入紫牛账户,以待交易开启时可以及时交易。
  2. 2018年9月19日当天即正式开启CYFM/ETH交易对的交易。


产品全称:Cyber-FM Radio,是一家发展了十多年的美国老牌音乐电台,成立于2007年10月。您可以在Cyber-FM Radio收听全球各地的音乐,还有可以畅谈游戏、漫画、电视节目等等。官网地址:

CYFM是Cyber-FM Radio的ERC20代币,主要用于在线会员会费支付,APP内购买积分和订阅服务的支付。







3、锁仓MILK瓜分1亿个CYFM (Lock MILK to share 100,000,000 CYFM)