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BLOCKCHAIN Thrilled to announce our entry into the Cryptocurrency world. Both tokens create an ecosystem for listeners and artists! This is a Dual Token Economy for everyone! Government regulation compatible!
D.L.P.R.O. The future's true Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization. Protecting artist's rights and payments across the entire globe while they maintain current memberships locally.
FREE! No ICO or sale of any kind; just free airdrops for ALL involved. We're on the ETH blockchain and created a universal payment system that enables royalties to be collected for all performances, at all times, throughout all countries!

Mainstream For The Underground is an ERC20 Token

01 Mainstream For The Underground Contract Address


02 Decimals


02 Mainstream For The Underground Symbol



MFTU Supply

Development (LIQUID)

245 Million of of "Circulating Supply" used for continued in-house development

Artist Reserve (FROZEN)

420 Million of "Total Supply" frozen to insure artist earnings.

MFTU Fan Distribution (LIQUID)

735 Million of "Circulating Supply" for fans, listeners and supporters.


Key ERC20 Token information:

Source Code

Our ERC20 Smart Contract is open source and implements the ERC20 token standard using libraries from OpenZeppelin. Additionally, our token contract has been professionally audited by the experts at Quantstamp.


Hexel is our source code, smart contract and dedicated wallet firm. A Y-Combinator from Silicon Valley.  Systems are in place to provide ongoing training to the engineering team to stay up-to-date on best practices in security.

Howey Test

We are strictly to be used as an internationally accepted reward system. This token has no role in the profit and success of “Cyber-FM.” They are not for sale at any CyberFM based website. No Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are planned or needed for either token.

Ask Us Directly

Social Media is one of the best ways to participate!  You can find us easily on  Twitter. We're also over at  Facebook. If you enjoy more direct contact in real time: We use  Discord as well as  Telegram and  Reddit for our community needs.


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CyberFM is Pioneering the Use of Distributed Ledger Technology

KINGSLAND, Ga., Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile devices and the Internet have changed how music is broadcast throughout the world. Most countries enforce a royalty payment method via government regulation to ensure that musicians and artists are compensated for the…

A Personal Message From A CyberFM Silent Founder: “For the loser now, will be later to win.”

Something for users to think about: We were here well before crypto and will be here many years after many are long gone. We did not perform an ICO. We were formed during the Great Recession. A self funded company…