Bob Dylan said:

The line, it is drawn,
The curse, it is cast
The slow one will later be fast
And the present now,
Will soon be the past
The order is rapidly fadin’
The first one now,
Will later be last
For the times,
They are a changin’


DLPRO (Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization) was founded originally as “Cyber-FM” on October 11th, 2007

Founding Mission:

We know how hard it is to make a decent earning from one’s artistic work, all of the time, effort and money that you put into getting people to recognize your talent, sometimes it just doesn’t seem like it pays off. Imagine now, you have both an online media presence, including images, sound and video, as well as a continual opportunity to connect directly with your fans on a world-wide level!

Our Network:

We operate out of a dedicated, multi-homed network. Our local network is provided by Impact Global Communications which is fully-switched and collision-free, while our external connections are OC-48 (up to 100Mbps), and GigE (up to 1000Mbps) to four diverse backbone networks. We use Verio, AboveNet, SAVVIS, and InterNAP, via Softlayer, as our Internet Connection Provider.

What We Do:

We work with our clients on both sides of the spectrum to understand their business objectives and customize our services to suit their requirements. Artists get the Airplay they deserve, while Advertisers reach a global audience that was impossible to obtain prior. We pride ourselves in delivering over 50% savings in day-to-day technical operations so we pass savings on to advertisers directly. By continually combining our creative thinking with the best in technology, people, and methodology, we provide superior quality and a cost-effective alternative to traditional Radio, Artist Promotion, and On-Air Advertising while providing an infinite Global outreach!

Our suite of products for Advertisers and Artists include On-Air Advertising, Record Sales, Web Site Advertising, Live Marketing, Merchandise Promotion, and getting Unsigned Artists, signed!

The staff at DLPRO welcome you to our site, and as always, we value your feedback. If you would like to offer any suggestions to us or just tell us what a great job we are doing, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

DLPRO is paving the way for providing listeners access to music that is not normally available within the “Mainstream.” Chosen over the years by leading A&R Firms, Recording Studios, and Record Labels, we now also offer our innovative services directly to listeners at absolutely no charge.

Founded in 2007, we have built our reputation in the Music Industry by providing our Listeners with Artists that portray an unmatched talent regularly unavailable until now. We are always striving to improve our services, continuously raising the bar for ourselves.

You may have found us while looking for CyberFM! Either by your choice, the redirection of a search engine, a technical error, or a solar or extraterrestrial event, you have landed at the newest and largest revolution in Internet radio.

So sit back, load up your media player, and put on one of our fabulous channels. Get lost in the music without being tethered to FM signals. Stay tuned and you may hear chances to win prizes like concert tickets, gift cards, & more.

We also have a Telegram if you want to discuss with our other listeners. Twitter for harassing us. Mostly because one cannot survive on Facebook alone!


We can always be contacted at [email protected]