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STRATEGY Everyone knows the original CyberFM Motto: "We're not Online Radio, we're Radio, online!" Our new algorithms play your music in the same genre alongside the mainstream artists that fans already know! The playing field is leveled.
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Dannie Marie's Facebook

Just really excited because my song is on the radio EVERYDAY thanks to #CyberFM. Thank you for having me. I am honored. #AnythingIWannaBe @CFM_Country

Dannie Marie's video on YouTube

In the middle of making a bunch of phone calls to promote her new single to country radio, Dannie got a tweet from Cyber FM that "Anything I Wanna Be" was on the air! See her reaction in this short video. Anything I Wanna Be" is available on iTunes and her website at

Lennon Daniels

As LD gets set to release his anticipated debut single, "Break Free", he'll be interviewed by Cyber FM's Gemini, on the Country Roads Diner Show.  The interview will be aired on Wednesday April 4th starting at 8 pm ET.  A huge thank you to everyone at Cyber - FM Radio for adding "Break Free" to their rotation. Tune in online for a listen at

Darrell Nash

"Coping with diminishing physical sales of music, independents have been in a tough place. Tables are turning in the music industry, and rather quickly, and CyberFM is there for the independent artist.

Whereas before it was difficult to be heard as an artist without major-label support, independent artists are now effectively building sustainable music careers. So tune in to CyberFM to discover some great Independent Artists, and for that we say, thank you CyberFM!"

Dannie Marie

Dannie Marie hears her single live on CyberFM Radio

In the middle of making a bunch of phone calls to promote her new single to country radio, Dannie got a tweet from CyberFM that "Anything I Wanna Be" was on the air! See her reaction in this short video. Anything I Wanna Be is available on iTunes and the artist website at


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